5 essential oils to sleep well

5 essential oils to sleep well

Sleep is essential to our health and general well-being. Sometimes it can be difficult to find or not really restorative. And if we still think too much about medications, they can cause side effects. Essential oils can help to find sleep and improve its quality. Studies have shown that one in three adults do not get enough rest. Beat the obstacles, stop counting sheep and use these essential oils when you are drifting to dreamland!

Oils and their virtues on sleep :

There are mainly 5 essential oils that are truly effective against sleep disorders and which are sometimes used differently, with amazing properties :

Lavender essential oil  has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory virtues, and it is also well known for its calming properties. It prepares with the sleep by having an action on the drowsiness. Moreover, it has a very pleasant smell, which makes it an excellent oil to diffuse. The essential oil of marjoram with shell is also an oil indicated to support the sleep. It helps to soothe conflicts, to relax a tense atmosphere, to limit nervousness or inner restlessness.

It is a great balancing of the central nervous system.

The essential oil of Petit grain bigarade  is a powerful oil, balancing and harmonizing on the emotional and affective level. Calming, anti-stress, sedative and nervous rebalancing, it is called " oil of the heart " because it deeply reassures.

The essential oil of chamomile  : used in herbal tea, chamomile is found in the essential oils section and is therefore also very appreciated for its calming properties. It can also be used in vaporization in the bedroom. Perfect to relieve stress and anxiety, chamomile can also be used in a massage. A drop in the back and it's done!

Caution, the essential oil of chamomile is not recommended during pregnancy.

The sandalwood  : Useful to reduce anxiety and stress, this essential oil promotes relaxation. It is also one of the oils used to fight headaches.

The Clary Sage  : Comforting, this oil has relaxing properties that are also beneficial for the muscles. Useful to combat stress and disorders resulting from hormonal imbalances.

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