Down with coronavirus ! 2 golden tips to protect yourself

Down with coronavirus ! 2 golden tips to protect yourself

The coronavirus is raging in our country and no one can escape the consequences. Public life stops, stores are closed, events are cancelled, schools are (almost) closed... And on top of all this, everyone is asked to stay indoors as much as possible until May 3rd. But is there really nothing you can do against this virus at the moment? Of course there is! Even from the point of view of safety at home, you can do both to fight against COVID-19 (the coronavirus). As sleep experts, we have 5 tips that can already help you!


1.    Change your drapes regularly

During the period of confinement, we spend even more time than usual in our bed. Do you, like many others, work at home? If so, chances are you'll sleep a little longer since you don't have to make the trip to work. So we have a little more time to fall asleep or to take that famous little energy nap.

Wash your comforter cover, fitted sheet and pillowcases even more frequently than usual. Change your bed sheets at least once, but preferably even twice a week. In this way you create a healthy and safe sleeping climate and undesirable creatures such as pathogenic germs have no chance to spread.

2.  Turn and flip your mattress

Did you know that you can turn all our mattresses on all 4 sides? This makes a big difference compared to lower quality mattresses. And a great advantage, especially in times of coronavirus. By turning and flipping your mattress over, the absorbed humidity will be exposed to the air, making it easier for your mattress to dry. The best way to air your mattress and sleep as hygienically as possible. And to do so, spring is also the right time.

And did you know that it also extends the life of your mattress? Your mattress remains more resilient and you avoid slumps and hollows in your mattress. What about you? You sleep comfortably and healthy again.

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